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1.What are online Surveys?

They are forms that you complete online.  Survey companies gather the information that they collect from 1000's of consumers such as yourself, and give the data to companies so they can better market their products and services.

2. How long will it take to complete a survey?

Anywhere form 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Usually the longer the survey, they more money you will get paid.

3. Do I to live in a certain country to take surveys?

The surveys from our site are for UK Citizens only.  Most other survey sites are limited to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.  However some to other countries as well.  Check its sites to see if your country is eligable

4. Are there fees after I register?

No, the are no fees for our service or web site

5. How many surveys can I take?

There is no limit.  Most Legitimate market research companies and survey sites only send invitations to take surveys about once a week.  A lot of "marketing" survey sites will send out  a few surveys a day designed to make you purchase a product.  We do not list these types of "survey" sites.

6. Once I sign-up, when should I expect to receive my first free paying survey?

You should get an invitation within 2 days.  Some sites may have surveys available now.

7. Can I register more than once with different email addresses?

No, only one accounts per person.  Any duplicate accounts will be removed

8. Why is your service free?

We make money when you actually take surveys. Companies want to know what you think are willing to pay you for it and pay us to find you..

9. Do you share my personal information with anyone else?

No, we do not share any personal information.  Please see our Privacy statement.

10. How much does each survey pay? How much can I make

Anywhere from £.25 to £50.  Some will give you free entries into Sweepstakes. The amount of money you make depends on how many legitimate survey sites you register with. We have found about 20 (out of200+) companies that we believe to be the best and most legitimate survey sites.

11. How and when do I get paid for taking surveys?

For surveys that you take from our website, we pay via paypal.  The minimum payment is £30 and we pay in increments of £30.  Make sure that your account profile is updated with your Paypal email address. Other survey sites pay by check, Paypal and sweepstakes entries.  Please check each sites FAQ's for their payment methods and payment thresholds.

12. What are Profile surveys and should I complete them?

Yes you should!  You will get more survey invitations and make more money per survey if you complete these profiles. Companies are willing to pay more if they can match there surveys to there consumers. The more they know about you, the better the chances for a match.

13. How can I make sure I get all my survey invitation?

This can be difficult.  A lot of "spam" filters where intercept your legitimate survey invitations.  We recommend using a new email address just for the programs we recommend and not using any spam filters for that account.  We do not send spam and  the survey sites we list do not send spam.  However, do not use this account for other survey sites you may find on the internet.  It will quickly fill up with unwanted offers.

14. Do I have to pay taxes on my survey income?

You should check with your accountant. Survey income is considered earned as an "independent contractor" and no taxes are withheld from your payments.

Please note that we are not accountants and are not qualified to provide accounting, tax, or other legal advice. Our answer is based on our understanding of the tax laws, and how we handle this situation ourselves. Always check with your accountant or other tax professional.

15. Where is my £4 for Registering?

Your account is credited with £4 for signing up for our service.  However, our minimum payment is £30 via Paypal. Once you complete enough surveys and your account balance is over £30, we will send you £30 via paypal.





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